Babies Teething Timeline: When does teething start?

Your baby is fussy and not acting like herself even though she is well rested, you just changed her diapers and fed her? You try to make her laugh. You cuddle with her. Not even her favorite toy is making her feel better? Then, she might be teething.

Teething? Yeah, it probably won’t be your favorite topic… Unfortunately, teething is often combined with sleepless nights for you an your baby. You finally had your baby on a nice sleep regimen and then she starts waking up a lot again during the night. “When can i go back to sleeping normally?”, you might ask. Don’t worry, it only takes about 3 years until all the teeth are out…

Babies can react quite differently to teething though. For some, it doesn’t seem to be any trouble at all, but others can become quite irritable.

What are the first signs of teething in babies?

You might not see any teeth yet as teething can start up to two months before anything is visible. According to WebMd, the first teeth can appear any time between 3 and 12 months of age.

There are many signs your baby might be teething:

  • more biting
  • excessive drool
  • more irritable, fussier than usual
  • more sucking
  • gum swelling and sensitivity
  • difficulty sleeping, wakes up more often than usual
  • less appetite
  • ear pulling, rubbing jaws
  • low fever
  • upset stomach, diarrhea
  • runny nose
  • rash

Babies teething timeline: order of appearance

The two bottom front teeth usually appear first. They tend to be followed by the four upper front teeth (central and lateral incisors) and first molars, then canines and second molars. However, the order can vary depending on the baby. Children usually have a full set of primary teeth by the time they are three.

Have a look at the babies teething timeline below and find out which teeth are coming first:

Babies Teething Timeline

Sources: Web MD, Pediatric Dentistry

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